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By Daniel on 4/6/2018 
5/5 stars
Guitar, Online

Tim did a great job of explaining the lessons and provided valuable information about reading music. Unfortunately, at the time I started, I also had a newborn making it very hard to stay on track with practicing. Now that my daughter is older, I have more time to practice, and look forward to taking lessons with Him.


By Alex C. on 2/15/2018
5/5 stars
Guitar, Online
Tim is really encouraging and cuts right to the problem. He knew exactly how to handle my situation without making me feel inferior and giving me the confidence to overcome it. Tim is very casual and professional bringing you to a place of enjoying the journey. I have been playing for many years but still am learning new genres, and skills that I can use to create any song I want.
By Brenda B. on 12/21/2017
5 stars
Guitar, Online
Tim helped my son go from playing Acoustic guitar to playing Classical guitar. A dream that only a mother could understand. He was so involved in getting my son a Classical guitar. I told him that we have so few buying options in Alaska. He was so understanding that he sold his own guitar & my son was so happy to receive it as his birthday present. He loves  playing fingerstyle and classical music now. 

By Craig on 10/02/2017

5/5 Stars

Guitar, Online

Tim is a great patient knowledgable teacher. I love our lessons. I only wish I started with him when I was 8 years old.


By Ashley G. on 8/19/2017

5/5 stars
Our lessons have been very informative and helpful. My daughter has really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Tim.
He is very patient and encouraging in his teaching style. Looking forward to more!


By Raj T. on 5/8/2017

5/5 stars

Phenomenal Instructor, Top notch learning.


By Olivia R. on  3/13/2017

5/5 stars

Last November I began playing the guitar. Like most beginners I learned the basic chords (G,C,D,etc.). It wasn't much but you'd be surprised how many songs you could play with these few chords.A few months ago, I decided it was time to learn more and sharpen my skills... starting with the basics (including reading guitar music). I decided to check out TakeLessons because I knew I could have the lessons in the comfort of my own home. So, I began researching and found Tim's profile.If you are looking for a solid foundation in learning the guitar and feeling encouraged to push through (even if you think you can't play that one chord) I'd highly recommend Tim. Tim provides students with a guitar manual that is easy to understand and helps build one skill at a time. Like building a brick wall, the book has you put one brick on top of the other as you go through the book. In time, you will be surprised how much you've learned! Beginners,Intermediate/Advance players if you're looking for a guitar teacher that will help you sharpen your skills and encourage you along the way... I'd highly recommend him as a guitar teacher!


By Roger B. on  1/10/2017

5/5 stars

"This was the first real lesson that I have ever had,i mean real lesson.For five years i have self taught my self.i spend 30 minutes with Tim in that time I was corrected of what I was doing wrong .I was taught how to read tab,how to keep time and how to strum Tim was an encourager & explained things so that I understood.n ow I'm not saying I know how to play .In the time we spent together I would say I went f to b+ I felt very comfortable and will continue to work with Tim.Thank you my Friend"


By Randy on 11/10/2016

5/5 stars

Tim is very patient & easy to learn from.


By Deanna on 11/7/2016

5/5 stars

I've really enjoyed working with Tim, as an adult learner, my goal is to learn how to play guitar to just have a few sing a-longs with friends. I've also had an event where I was performing a song, and Tim helped me gear up to learn the song from the ground up. We even had more lessons as the time got closer to perfect the music and get it refined. I really appreciate his support, his teaching style, and patience. I am not a quick learner and while learning guitar is a tough road for me, Tim is very patient even when I'm at whits end, bringing me back so I can keep making progress.

By John F. on 9/14/2016

5/5 stars

I hired Tim to teach my daughter guitar, and am very glad I did! Tim is a gentle soul, and has loads of patience, especially helpful for shy students and those who are just getting started. Highly recommended.

By Maria on 8/30/2016

5/5 stars

Tim your a fantastic teacher, I'm glad  your my teacher. Thanks again for being patient.

By Tommi on 8/27/2016

5/5 stars

My son has really enjoyed his lessons with Tim! He is patient and kind. We will continue with Tim!

By Evan M on 7/21/2016

5/5 stars

"Just based off of one lesson I know Tim is great. Looking forward to more lessons."

By Saman V. on 6/7/2016

5/5 stars

Tim is a great instructor. He is knowledgeable and very good hearted.

By Jodi on 6/6/2016

5/5 stars

Tim is a great teacher! I definitely recommend him. He is very patient and willing to help in any way.

By Desirae J. on 6/3/2016

5/5 stars

Fabulous instructor! Great, fabulous...totally encouraging and patient. High fives!!


Martha M. on May 12, 2016
4/5 stars

I am very happy that I found a very good guitar instructor, after trying college clasess and having to drop off because the instructor did not fit my needs. Mr Bischof has been the instructor that I was looking for. He is very patient and also tells me in a very good way when I am not doing it right. I recommend him for adults and for kids too.


By Maria P. on 5/10/2016
Acoustic Guitar, Online
Tim is awesome, he is spiritually a great person to have as a teacher and mentor. He is very patient. If you don't understand the lesson, just don't get frustrated, let him know, and he'll go over it again in different way that you will understand him. Believe me: I was worried at first that I didn't speak in guitar terms or language and which I don't have any knowledge. Tim made it easy for me to understand, and I am learning at a pace that I feel very comfortable. Amen to that.


Nancy H. on January 16, 2016
5/5 stars

Tim is very patient and a good listener. He takes the time to explain things until I understand them. He is a wonderful encourager and has allowed me to learn at my own pace without pressure to move faster...and that is very important to this 50 year old who is learning to play her first instrument. The reason I did not rate him as outstanding is simply because I have nothing to compare to and felt unqualified to make such a claim. I would very much recommend him to others wanting to learn to play the guitar.


By Nimota A. on 12/24/2015
Acoustic Guitar, Online
I've had my first class with Tim and he was very detailed and patient. He went over the basics of the guitar with me and made sure I was clear every step of the way. Good experience so far. Looking forward to the next lessons.


By Hailey R. on 11/4/2015
Acoustic Guitar, In studio
The first lesson went great!!


Alex C. on October 10, 2015
5/5 stars

I was having anxiety and performance issues, and Tim really encouraged me and cut right through the problem. He knew exactly how to handle it without making me feel inferior and giving me the confidence to overcome it. Tim is very casual and at the same time professional bringing you to a place of relaxation and enjoying the journey, not just the destination. I have been playing for many years but still learning the basics that I never learned, and although it could be frustrating to go back, he has made it rewarding and simple.


By Esvar on 10/2/2015

Guitar, Online
First lesson went well. Tim took time and patiently explained all the necessary basics of guitar to make a beginner comfortable. Hopefully other lessons will proceed in the same manner.


By Mike G. on 8/20/2015
Guitar, In home
I was extremely impressed with Tim. Not only is he an excellent and inspiring teacher, he is able to focus in on just the right and appropriate approach. He makes one want to learn and imbues his student with confidence and knowledge. A truly unique and positive experience. Looking forward to my homework and our next lesson!


By Brenda B. on 7/14/2015
Guitar, Online
Tim is an awesome guitar teacher. He is perfect for my 11 year old son. My son is excited for each lesson. He does a great job of teaching the foundational concepts. And he makes it FUN. I wish I had a guitar teacher like Tim when I was learning guitar.


By Kerry J. on May 19, 2015
5/5 stars

Tim is very patient with my 9 year old son who is a beginner guitar student. He is kind and welcoming


By Jim S. on February 7, 2015
5/5 stars

I've played guitar for many years but never had any lessons. Tim was quick to find and address areas of weakness. His instruction as well as his recommendations for practice have already begun to improve my playing. His interaction with students is positive and encouraging so lessons with him are something to look forward to.


By Rick P. on February 4, 2015
5/5 stars

A relaxing place to learn. Not in a small room at a music store. Tim showed me tips and tricks that are so simple to help improve my playing. Learn at your own pace. Tim really wants me to play better and it shows in his teaching method.


By Heather G. on December 10, 2014
5/5 stars

Very good instructor ..And wonderful with children, each lesson my son learns so much! If you go with Tim for a teacher, you will not be disappointed:)


By Jason M. on August 23, 2014
5/5 stars

If you're looking for a guitar teacher, i would highly recommend Tim. I have tried to teach myself for a very long time, but really all i can do is play a couple riffs. Now that i have started with Tim and am learning the basics it is so much more enjoyable to play. Just like the name says Don't Give Up Guitar Tim really keeps me motivated to keep practicing. I have just had my 40th and my goal is to put a full year in. I always would start and stop because i would get frustrated. So if you're looking for a good teacher thats going to keep you motivated and make it fun, Tim is your guy.


By Justin C. on May 22, 2014

My son is really enjoying working with Tim.


By janice H. on 2/11/2014
He made learning fun & easy.
Great guy, great teacher. Took the time and focused on me during the entire lesson. Geared the lessons specifically for me and my interests and tastes in music. Took a personal interest in me as a person and encouraged me to practice and to explore all the different things I could do with my talent. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Very reasonably priced for all that you get out of the lessons.


By Tammy S. on 2/11/2014
Music Recording
My son learned how to effectively play in a band
My son has been taking guitar lessons from Tim for over a year now. I have been very pleased with the progress my son is making. Tim makes my son feel very comfortable, and is more than willing to work with him in any area where he shows an interest. Tim is personable and patient.
Tim is quite flexible with time. He has kindly worked around our schedule whenever necessary. His fees are quite reasonable, and he always errs in our favor in regard to time.
Tim is a great guitar player himself with a true love for the instrument, which shows in his teaching. He was invaluable in helping us pick a reasonably priced, yet quality guitar for our son.
He has taught our son any song my son hears on the radio note for note... a real gem.  We are quite pleased with Tim's teaching, and highly recommend him.


By Benjamin G. on 2/11/2014
Music Recording
You gotta try this guy, he won't let you down.
Simplistic and easily understood. Designed dummyproof. Intuitive to the student needs and best learning style. Does not read off the page. Dynamic and injects fun into the lesson. Highly recommended to anyone regardless of ability level.


By Jada G. on 2/11/2014
Music Performance
Even a kid can pick this up
Tim was a super awesome guitar teacher! Not only did he teach me a lot of riffs but was also a super nice guy. I recommend him to anyone trying to further their talent with guitar!!


By Jane H. on 2/10/2014
Music Theory
So easy even this old timer can get it
Tim is an excellent, patient and caring instructor. I am a brand new guitar owner from a rural area in North Dakota. I was looking for a guitar teacher but all required a 30-60 minute drive. I found Tim through the Betterfly website and have taken several lessons through Skype. It has been a great experience that I would recommend to anyone from beginner on up

By Byron F. on 2/10/2014
Phenomenal & Friendly Instructor
Tim is a phenomenal instructor! I have tried expensive videos by Marty Schwartz, subscription services like, and have spent hundreds of dollars on Skype lessons with popular YouTube instructors like Mike Gross. In the year that I have been playing, one month of lessons with Tim did more for my playing than 11 months with the other methods I've tried. You owe it to yourself to give Tim a month of your time. He transformed my understanding of the guitar, has taught me to be self-sufficient with learning songs I hear, and has made playing exciting. Without being able to articulate exactly what I wanted to accomplish, Tim's uncanny intuition for balancing what I think I needed with what I really need took my playing to the next level very quickly. Nothing can substitute for the depth of his musical knowledge, but more importantly, his keen sense feeds me just what I need from everything he knows. Tim carefully plans out a lesson for me based off of my progress, has me take notes, and gives me ideas on how to improve before my next lesson. The most exciting day of my week is the hour I spend learning from a great instructor and a great human being. I couldn't be happier with my decision to learn how to play from Tim.

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